June 5, 2001

Time capsule to be unveiled

What is three metres high, pyramidal, and contains a collapsible scooter, a belly button ring, wedding gowns and hundreds of other items representing the thoughts and feelings of young people in the 20th century? It’s the 2001 Millennium Time Capsule, to be unveiled Monday, June 25 from 4 – 5 p.m. in the foyer of the David Lam auditorium of the MacLaurin Building. The project was the dream of Richmond Elementary School teacher Judi Warrington and her students and also involved the participation and support of many at UVic, including Dr. Bill Zuk and dean Bruce Howe of the faculty of education and Martin Segger, director of the Maltwood Museum and Art Gallery. The capsule will stand for the next century in the MacLaurin Building and be opened in 2101. Info: 721-7766.

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