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June 5, 2003 · Vol 29 · No 9

Spring Convocation 2003


Major Medal Winners

Governor General's Gold Medal
(top PhD, all faculties)
Brigitte Vachon, physics & astronomy


Lieutenant Governor's Silver Medal
(top master's, thesis)
Trevor Williams, electrical & computer engineering


Lieutenant Governor's Silver Medal
(top master's, other than thesis)
Kevin Cryderman, English


Governor General's Silver Medal
(top undergraduate, all faculties)
Ross Kang, mathematics/computer science


Jubilee Medal for Humanities
Alice Tyrrell, medieval studies/German


Jubilee Medal for Science
Charles Starling, physics/mathematics


Jubilee Medal for Social Sciences
Leigh Cormier, geography
Maxwell Cameron Memorial Medals (Education)
Alexandra Ulmer (elementary)
André Gogol (secondary)


Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering Medal
Rusty Rook


Department of Computer Science Graduation Medal
Amit Sethi


IEEE Victoria Section Gold Medal in Computer Engineering
Daniel Vanderster


IEEE Victoria Section Gold Medal in Electrical Engineering
Peter Van Vugt


Law Society Gold Medal
Ben Blackmore


Victoria Medal (Fine Arts)
Susan Kelly






Lasting legacy

Lou-Poy takes oath as ninth chancellor

Honorary degrees

Class of '64 caps convocation

Major medal winners

Grad stories

Ben Blackmore

Leigh Cormier

Ken Cryderman

Ross Kang

Lehna Malmkvist

Sheri Molnar

Tamara Rozeck-Allen

Julia Shinaba

Alice Tyrrell

Dr. Brigitte Vachon

Daniel Vanderster

Andrés Vidal Gadea

Trev Williams