UVic designated a preferred university for China’s top graduate students

UVic has received preferred status as a graduate education destination for some of China’s top university grads as a result of an agreement signed May 8 in Beijing by UVic President David Turpin and Ms. Zhang Xiuqin, secretary-general of the China Scholarship Council, witnessed by China’s Education Minister Dr. Zhou Ji.

“This agreement will provide further opportunities to internationalize our campus by allowing some of the best students in China to come to UVic to work together with students and faculty here,” says Turpin.

UVic is the first university in BC, only the second in Canada, and one of a highly select group in the world—including MIT, Harvard and Cambridge—to receive the preferred status designation. It opens the door to a new level of co-operation for students and faculty at UVic and a select group of Chinese partner universities.

Dr. Zuomin Dong, chair of mechanical engineering, brought the China Scholarship Council Program to the attention of Dr. Jim Anglin, director of international affairs, who then pursued it in discussions with the Chinese Ministry of Education.

“The Chinese are quite selective about this,” says Anglin. “But over the years UVic has achieved a high level of visibility and credibility in China.”

The agreement enhances UVic’s position as a focal point for Asia-Pacific initiatives in North America. The first Chinese students to attend UVic under the agreement will arrive later this year.

“These are top students from only top-tier Chinese universities who are selected especially for their potential to assume roles of academic leadership upon return to China,” says Anglin. “Their numbers will be small at first, but there is significant potential for expansion of the program that can contribute significantly to strengthened relations between Canada and China.”

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