Way ahead of the game

By Courtney Tait



While other medical school hopefuls scramble to finish their application essays this fall, Steve Moore will be somewhere across the sea, backpack wearing thin from a five-month jaunt through Europe and South East Asia.

At 22, the biology grad and well-known co-captain of the Vikes basketball team is ahead of the game.

“I want to have [the essays] done before I go,” says Moore, whose trip will follow a jam-packed five-year UVic career.

Aside from leading the Vikes to a second-place finish in the ’06 nationals, Moore has won the President’s Cup (for athletes skilled in combining their sports with their studies), the Provost Award (for the Vike with the highest GPA—8.67, in this case), and a Blue and Gold Award for community involvement.

Between hoop-shooting and study time, the (now) former Vikes shooting guard also coached basketball in a league for 12–13 year olds.

“I enjoy helping people,” he says, “and passing on some of the things I’ve learned.”

In preparation for applying to med school, Moore has reflected on his volunteer work at the BC Cancer Agency, a position he took on after working as a research assistant there in the summer of 2005 (a class on cancer’s molecular basis piqued interest in the field). Helping to organize doctor-patient meetings at the ambulatory care unit gave him a weekly glimpse into the patients’ experience with cancer, as well as the workings of a particular medical environment.

“Moving into medicine,” he says, “it’s pretty interesting to see that whole dynamic.”

While juggling sports and academics has been challenging for Moore (he remembers cramming for exams while on the road for three-day tournaments) he says committing to his responsibilities keeps him motivated.

“I learned at an early age that a lot of great things in life take a lot of work. They don’t necessarily fall into your lap.”

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