Day in the life

Agueh. Photo: Robie Liscomb

By Amber McMillan

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF Kade Agueh is about secretarial work, but it’s not just that—Agueh gets real satisfaction out of putting out small fires in the lives of all of the students, faculty, and various other people who find themselves at her desk. Agueh says, “I’m able to solve problems. Even if I just help one person in a day, I’m happy. I’ve been a student myself, and I know what’s it’s like to be lost, to be searching for information or answers about things.”

Through UVic Secretarial Services placements, Agueh has worked in offices across campus, including the Learning and Teaching Centre, UVic Communications, and Accounting Services. She is also a key organizer for many community projects and is the mother of two small children.

When Agueh’s not juggling telephone and e-mail inquiries, firing off media releases or patiently guiding distraught students, she spends her time organizing presentations and pageants to educate young people around Victoria about Africa, dismantling stereotypes and illustrating the wonders of the vast continent.

In October, Agueh put together the “African Eloquent Pageant” which encouraged self-esteem and confidence in youth, promoting diverse cultures and creating opportunities for young people. The pageant consisted of speakers, performances, and a talent show contest. Building on its success, Agueh plans to tour middle schools throughout Victoria in the new year sponsoring and promoting awareness of other cultures, particularly those in Africa.

Agueh was born in Liberia, but the family moved to Cote D’Ivoire following the civil war, then later settled in Ghana where she began her studies. Agueh soon transferred to UBC on the World University Service of Canada Sponsorship, where she completed a bachelor’s degree in linguistics.

Looking to the future, Agueh plans to pursue a master’s degree in education. “I love kids. I’d like to work with kids who have speech disabilities, and draw on my degree in linguistics.”

Even though her life is packed with a busy schedule, Agueh is able to find time to devote to some of her hobbies, including walking the local beaches and reading—she just finished My Life: The Early Years by Bill Clinton.

January 2010 is when Agueh plans to jumpstart her project to educate young students about Africa. “I’m really open to ideas and people who are interested in helping me on this project,” she says, and hopes anyone who wants to get involved will email her at

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