Free the books

Roman, Friesen, Swanson
Photo: UVic Photo Services

L-R: Mark Roman (UVic Systems), Joel Friesen (UVic Communications) and Marnie Swanson (UVic Libraries) hand off four of 26 challenged books to be released during Freedom to Read Week (Feb. 21–27). Freedom to Read Week is an annual event that encourages Canadians to think about and reaffirm our commitment to intellectual freedom. This year at UVic, to celebrate the 26th year of FTRW, UVic Libraries and the UVic Bookstore are organizing a special campus event. Twenty-six campus representatives are releasing 26 challenged books on campus or around our region to spread the word about challenged and banned books. Challenged books are those that individuals, organizations or community groups have sought to limit public access to in schools, libraries or bookstores. The books will be tracked on as they are picked up and read and left again in public places to continue their journey. More info: or

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