Proposals considered for innovative teaching funds

Nov. 1 is the deadline for submissions in this year's competition for UVic Innovative Teaching Projects funding, provided under the auspices of the Vice-President Acadmic and Provost. This year, $40,000 is available for dispersal by the fund.

Proposals are sought from all who teach or directly support learning at UVic, including faculty, senior instructors, sessional instructors, teaching assistants, librarians and lab instructors. The maximum grant per project is $5,000, and projects with smaller budgets are encouraged.

Proposals should indicate the extent to which the project is innovative (i.e., whether it is completely novel, new to the discipline, to B.C, or to UVic) and should identify existing projects of a related nature. The potential impact of the project should be specified (anticipated benefits, the number of people likely to be influenced, the potential for transferability to other departments or disciplines). Proposals must include a detailed budget and a plan for dissemination of the results.

Projects to be considered will run from Jan. 1 to Dec. 15, 1997.

Funding will not generally be granted for the purchase of equipment normally supplied by the University nor for faculty teaching release time. Funding for conference travel will be granted only when attendance is essential to the project.

Project applications should be limited to three pages plus one page for a detailed budget and should be sent to the Director of the Learning and Teaching Centre before 4:30 p.m. Nov. 1, 1996.

Projects chosen for funding will be announced on Dec. 1, 1996.

The committee charged with reviewing applications and making recommendations regarding funding to the Vice-President Academic and Provost include: Dr. Ned Djilali (Mechanical Engineering), Dr. Diane Edwards (English), Director of the Learning and Teaching Centre Dr. Andy Farquharson, Dr. Rebecca Grant (Business), Dr. Bruce Johnson, (Mathematics & Statistics), Dr. Frances Ricks (Child & Youth Care), and Dr. John Walsh (Education).

For further information, contact Barbara Judson of the Learning and Teaching Centre, at local 8571 or at

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