JANUARY 22, 1999

Upcoming forum focuses on poverty in Victoria

The latest information on poverty and inequality in Victoria will be the topic of a public forum, "Poverty in Victoria: The Real Facts," on Feb. 2 at 7:30 p.m. in the 1996 Classroom Building, room C103.

UVic Chancellor Dr. Norma Mickelson will moderate the evening. Victoria Bishop Remi de Roo will open the presentation with a history of economic justice in the region. Dr. Marge Reitsma-Street (human and social development) will then present the latest facts on poverty and inequality in the capital region as part of the research she is conducting as a member of the Capital Urban Poverty Project. Those figures will be put into context through a discussion of the cost of living in Victoria.

Forum participants will be encouraged to discuss what the findings mean to them before the speakers wrap up the presentation with their projections for economic justice in the future.

The forum will be of interest to members of the public, people with an interest in poverty and economic justice issues, and community and provincial leaders. For more information, call continuing studies at 721-8458.

The forum is presented by the Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation and the faculties of humanities, law, sciences and social sciences. It's free but seating is limited. Call 472-4747 to pre-register.

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