Dr. Mary-Wynne Ashford (social and natural sciences) was elected the first Canadian and the first woman co-president of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) at the organization's 13th world congress in Melbourne, Australia in December. She shares the co-presidency with Dr. Ron McCoy (Malaysia) and Dr. Sergei Grachev (Russia). Ashford became active in the nuclear disarmament movement in the early 1980s. She's been a past vice-president of the IPPNW, with affiliates from 60 countries, and a past president of Physicians for Global Survival. A family physician for 11 years, Ashford currently teaches global education at UVic. Her research on adolescent violence prevention programs is focused on the strengths of First Nations traditions in violence prevention.

Dr. Robert Dalton (arts in education) has been chosen Arts Educator of the Year for B.C. by the National Art Educators Association, which will present the award in March at its national conference in Washington, D.C.

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