JULY 16, 1999

Program eases transition from university to the job market

After travelling around Europe, Matthew, a UVic commerce grad, wanted to pursue a career in public relations. Short on the necessary skills and experience, he turned to UVic's student employment centre for help.

Thanks to the centre's alumni career prospects program (ACP), Matthew served an internship with a large public relations firm in Victoria. He's now a public relations coordinator with a large non-profit organization.

ACP was created last year to ease the transition for graduates from school to the job market. The program includes specialized assessment, career counselling, employment advising, up-to-date labour market information and professional career strategies to help graduates market and match their skills and abilities to the demands of the workforce. An internship component provides graduates with hands-on skills and experience related to their fields of study.

ACP is a unique career search program in Greater Victoria and possibly in Canada, in that it's specifically designed for postsecondary graduates with little or no career related experience.

Additional funding from Human Resources Development Canada allows the program to open its doors to all postsecondary graduates, not just those from UVic. Graduates from institutions across Canada and even as far away as Europe have benefited from the program.

The internship component has been very successful for participants. More than 90 per cent of those who have completed an internship have found career-related jobs in such areas as documentary filmmaking, radio talk show research, public education/recycling, publishing, investment banking, public relations, archaeology, cancer research, electrical engineering and historical research.

For more information on the program, contact Paula Pothier at (250) 721-6364,, or Ian Robertson at (250) 472-4286, The Web site is: .

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