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Siemens to deliver Distinguished Professors Lecture

Thu, 2012-02-23 13:56

Siemens, UVic's 12th Distinguished Professor

Do you enjoy paging through hardcovers? Are books dead? What form of reading are readers most comfortable with? Dr. Ray Siemens, a specialist in Early Modern texts and a distinguished professor in UVic's Department of English, is helping turn the page on reading in the modern era. Siemens is UVic's 12th Distinguished Professor, a Canada Research Chair in Humanities Computing, and leads the Electronic Textual Cultures Laboratory (ETCL) at UVic. He is giving a Distinguished Professors Lecture on March 7 at 7 p.m.

City Talks 2011/12: Final two lectures

Wed, 2012-02-22 09:24

City Talks is a six-part downtown lecture series presented by the University of Victoria, and focusing on what our cities mean to us. An initiative of faculty across campus, City Talks was launched in 2010 by UVic's Committee for Urban Studies, under the guidance of UVic historian Dr. Jordan Stanger-Ross, and is now offering the last two lectures of this second season: Feb. 23 and March 15. The free public lectures take place at 7:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of every month from September through March each year at UVic's Legacy Art Gallery on Yates Street in downtown Victoria.

Rudnyckyj awarded prestigious book prize

Mon, 2011-12-12 12:13

Spiritual Economies: Islam, Globalization, and the Afterlife of Development (Cornell University Press, 2010) by Dr. Daromir Rudnyckyj' (Pacific and Asian studies), was named co-winner of the 2011 Sharon Stephens Prize awarded by the American Ethnological Society, North America’s oldest association of professional anthropologists.

Latin lives for local high school students

Tue, 2011-12-06 14:35

L-R: Rowe with Latin Club members and Mt. Doug students Lam and Aiyana Skye
L-R: Rowe with Latin Club members and Mt. Doug students Lam and Aiyana Skye

Not many high school students think of learning Latin as a way impress girls, but for Alexander Lam, it’s as good a reason as any. Lam is a member of the Victoria High School Latin Club. Founded by Dr. Gregory Rowe and taught by Rowe and Dr. Cedric Littlewood (Greek and Roman studies), the Latin Club is comprised of enthusiastic students largely from Esquimalt High and Mt. Douglas High School, and is sponsored by UVic’s Department of Greek and Roman Studies. Now in its second year, the Latin Club appeals to students who love learning.

Interdisciplinary course produces drama in German

Tue, 2011-12-06 14:32

The captain (Bryan Gibbs, left) lectiures Woyzeck (Ovidiu Ratiu). Photo: Fiona M
The captain (Bryan Gibbs, left) lectiures Woyzeck (Ovidiu Ratiu). Photo: Fiona Mortimer

How do you stage manage a play in a language you don’t speak? This was the challenge I faced with Woyzeck: The Choreography of a Murder, a play that was performed at the Phoenix Theatre in the original German last month.

UVic linguist traces Victoria’s fabled British roots

Tue, 2011-12-06 14:27

Victorians have a reputation for being “more British than the British,” in part due to our enduring love of flower baskets, tearooms and lawn bowling. But are we really “more British” than other Canadians?

To find out, Dr. Alexandra D’Arcy, UVic linguistics professor and director of the sociolinguistics research lab, is searching for clues in the way we speak.

Honouring this year’s top teachers

Mon, 2011-11-07 15:59


At Convocation, the University of Victoria celebrates the accomplishments of our students and the great promise that they bring as they enter on a new stage of their careers. It is also an occasion when we recognize the outstanding talent, dedication and creativity of the faculty members and other teaching staff who provide such a high quality of education to our students.

Women’s Studies grad brings formidable intellect to understand society’s most vulnerable

Mon, 2011-11-07 15:38

Charbonneau. Photo: Ali Bosworth
Charbonneau. Photo: Ali Bosworth

Sinead Charbonneau didn’t picture herself attending UVic when she attended Esquimalt High School. Charbonneau is the first of her family to graduate from university and recalls that UVic “didn’t really exist for me” when she was growing up. During her final year of high school, spent with her extended Métis family in Medicine Hat, AB, she was introduced to the work of filmmaker and UVic women’s studies professor, Christine Welsh, who inspired Charbonneau to apply.

Banting Fellowships

Mon, 2011-11-07 13:42

This fall three of Canada’s top postdoctoral fellows have chosen UVic as their academic home for the next two years. Dr. Wokje Abrahamse (psychology), Dr. Nikolaus Gantner (geography), and Dr. Laura Estill (English) are three recipients of the prestigious Banting Fellowships, a federal program designed to build world-class research capacity by recruiting top-tier postdoctoral researchers at an internationally competitive level of funding. The two-year fellowships, worth $70,000 per year, are open to both Canadian and international researchers who have recently completed a PhD, PhD-equivalent or health professional degree.

Q&A: Viewpoint from centre stage

Mon, 2011-10-17 16:00

Dr. Jean Howard of Columbia University, Sept. 22. Photo Credit: Kat Eschner

The University of Victoria’s "City Talks" series focuses on what our cities mean to us. An initiative of faculty across campus, the downtown lecture series was launched last year by UVic’s Committee for Urban Studies, under the guidance of UVic historian Dr. Jordan Stanger-Ross. One of the participating faculty members spoke with The Ring about this year's first session.