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Academic leadership updates for Summer 2014

Thu, 2014-06-05 14:50

St. Clair
St. Clair

Four academic leaders will take new posts on campus this summer, with the appointments of Dr. Catherine Krull as dean of social sciences, Dr. Ralf St. Clair as dean of education, Dr. Bruce Wright as head of medical sciences and Dr. Robina Thomas as the inaugural director of Indigenous academic and community engagement.

Dr. Bruce Wright to head medical sciences

Thu, 2014-01-09 16:54

Dr. Bruce Wright has been appointed as Head, Division of Medical Sciences at UVic (and Regional Associate Dean, UBC Faculty of Medicine) effective July 1, 2014.

Research aims to improve concussion diagnosis, treatment

Mon, 2013-08-26 13:27


It’s game night at the local rink and cheering parents pack the stands as young players churn up and down the ice. Every scoring chance is hailed with roars of support. The barn falls eerily silent though, as one young skater racing for a puck loses an edge and slides headlong into the boards.

Brain to brawn: Training one leg strengthens both after stroke

Fri, 2012-12-07 11:25

A participant about to do the treadmill walking assessment, post-training. Assis
A participant about to do the treadmill walking assessment, post-training. Assisting is study co-author Katie Dragert.

To recover strength and ultimately perhaps the ability to walk, the best bet after a severe stroke might just be to forego working the weaker, more-affected side. It seems counter-intuitive, but high-intensity strength training on the less-affected side could have remarkable potential for helping recover mobility after a stroke, new UVic research indicates.

Cells of hope: Stephanie Willerth's stem cell research

Wed, 2012-05-09 12:10

Willerth and undergraduate assistant Kathleen Kolehmainen (in background).  Phot
Willerth and undergraduate assistant Kathleen Kolehmainen (in background). Photo: UVic Photo Services

When Stephanie Willerth was five years old she asked her parents for one of two things for Christmas—a chemistry set or a pair of tickets to a college bowl football game. “It wasn’t much of a choice since bowl tickets are pretty pricey, so they gave me the chemistry set,” says Willerth, who at 31 now has a much bigger “chemistry set”—a research lab at the University of Victoria.

Ted Grant photos take us behind the scenes with Island Medical Program students

Thu, 2012-02-09 10:58

Grant, showing some of his medical photographs. Photo: Arnold LIm
Grant, showing some of his medical photographs. Photo: Arnold LIm

His most famous photo is of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau sliding down a banister. But of all he’s shot in 60 years as a photographer, Ted Grant’s favourite work is the photo series he has done of doctors and nurses at work.

Joining the fight against cancer

Sat, 2010-10-30 19:26

A photo of Tran at the US National Institutes of Health.
Tran doing postdoctoral work at the US National Institutes of Health.

Eric Tran has known since high school that he wanted to use science to improve people's lives. Now, as the first student to complete the doctoral program in cancer immunology at the BC Cancer Agency's Deeley Research Centre (DRC), he's in a position to do just that. Tran has recently begun postdoctoral work at the US National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD, with Dr. Steven Rosenberg, an internationally recognized leader in T-cell therapy of cancer.

Convocation: Nuttida Chieosongkram

Tue, 2010-06-01 14:00

A picture of Nuttida Chieosongkram

Nuttida Chieosongkram was an accredited nurse in Thailand, but when she moved to Canada, she did what many would find difficult; she redid her post-secondary education to continue working in her field.

Convocation: Dr. Mark Lipsett

Tue, 2010-06-01 14:00

A picture of Dr. Mark Lipsett
Lipsett. Photo: Gail Kirkpatrick

Graduating in the third class of UVic’s Island Medical Program (IMP) leading to a UBC MD degree, Dr. Mark Lipsett has launched upon a career trajectory aimed at outer space.

Dr. Oscar Casiro: Appointed

Mon, 2009-06-01 14:00

Dr. Oscar Casiro, head of the Division of Medical Sciences, has been appointed regional associate dean, Vancouver Island, Faculty of Medicine, UBC. He has been associate dean of the Island Medical Program (IMP) based at the University of Victoria since January 2004 and helped to pioneer the UBC Faculty of Medicine’s distributed undergraduate medical education system on Vancouver Island, in collaboration with the University of Victoria and the Vancouver Island Health Authority. As regional associate dean, Casiro will assume strategic leadership of undergraduate and postgraduate medical education on Vancouver Island, including development and implementation of initiatives and policies that support continued integration of medical education opportunities.