The Ring

Phoenix Theatre presents a dream

2014-11-07 14:18

Theseus (Markus Spodzieja) and his wife-to-be Hippolyta (Zoë Wessler) toast.

UVic faculty member and director Fran Gebhard remembers New York City in 1978—the Ramones were rocking CBGB’s club in the Village and the flower-power generation was on its way out, being pushed to the past by a new punk attitude. New York was changing—and it was one amazing summer.

The Phoenix, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

2014-10-01 15:52

Kaitlyn Williams as the White Witch, taunting Mack Gordon as Peter Pevensie.

Not many of us get to bring our spouses to work, but for two UVic theatre alumni, acting together makes their careers more rewarding.

Is that meant to be funny?

2014-09-30 11:53


Annual Southam lecture looks at comedy and censorship

If you think there’s nothing funny about censorship, Mark Leiren-Young would like to change your mind. A prolific freelance journalist, screenwriter, playwright, memoirist and award-winning author, Leiren-Young is this year’s Harvey Stevenson Southam Lecturer in Journalism and Nonfiction for the Department of Writing. And while his current Writing course Finding the Funny focuses on humour writing, his upcoming public lecture will examine the fine line between comedy and censorship. “I’m fascinated by the question of, ‘Where’s the line?’,” says Leiren-Young. “What can you make fun of? What can't you make fun of? What's taboo? How soon is too soon?” By way of example, Leiren-Young looks east to Toronto’s frequently lampooned mayor. “Rob Ford and his tumor—too soon for jokes?”

Latest culture

2014 Latin American and Spanish Film Week at Cinecenta

The Latin American and Spanish Film Week returns in mid September to Victoria for a fifth year.

The event will take place from Sept. 16–21 at the University of Victoria’s Cinecenta theatre.

BFA exhibit an incubator for future artistic success

While the MFA show may be the higher profile exhibit on view from the Department of Visual Arts this spring, the BFA exhibit is definitely the larger of the two. Featuring work by 36 graduating BFA students, the annual exhibit—this year titled Split, and running from April 17–26—will feature a tremendous amount of painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, video and media art spread throughout the Visual Arts building.

Rotating and protecting UVic’s art collection

With 2,200 works of art currently on display—out of more than 20,000 pieces in the university’s overall art collection—UVic has more art on view in public, non-museum spaces than at any other university in Canada. Managing the collection responsibly through the Legacy Art Galleries’ Art on Campus program has also meant that a number of pieces previously on display in public spaces have been deemed to be at risk—and are in the process of being replaced with thematically similar works.

A feast for your brain, as well as your eyes

When it comes to advanced academic work, few would expect to spend five minutes examining a graduate student’s work in biochemistry, neuroscience or mechanical engineering and really “get it.” Yet people occasionally turn away from the work of Visual Arts MFA students simply because they don’t immediately understand or appreciate it.  

Just ask Paul Walde. A professor of painting and media practices in the Department of Visual Arts, Walde is the graduate advisor for UVic’s 11 Visual Arts MFA students. He’s also a busy intermedia artist on the leading edge of contemporary practice, so he knows well of what he speaks.