The Ring

Being funny and surviving the Fringe circuit

2012-10-04 08:55

L-R: Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson in “The Mystery of the Hungry Heart Motel” P

How do you know when something’s funny? UVic theatre alumni Chris Wilson and Peter Carlone get a pretty good idea when they’re writing comedy sketches together. The first sign? If they’re falling on the floor laughing at it themselves!

Latin American and Spanish Film Week

2012-09-10 10:06

From Sept. 18 to 23, the UVic community and Victorians at large are in for a cultural treat: for the third time, the Latin American and Spanish Film Week is coming to Cinecenta.

RING RETRO: Day care campaign 1975

2012-09-10 08:55

During this 50th anniversary year of the university, The Ring will be delving into its own archives to unearth and publish items of historical interest, providing perspective on UVic’s development.

An alternative way of looking at national histories

2012-09-04 11:14

Dr. Prasenjit Duara

Our identities are shaped by our nation’s history, but how much of that national narrative is unique and how much is borrowed, constructed, or put together in relation to how other nations see us and themselves? This was a topic broached by Dr. Prasenjit Duara on Aug. 2, as he delivered the Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives’ annual Albert Hung Chao Hong Lecture.

Hachioji Kuruma Ningyo: Traditional Japanese puppet theatre

2012-05-09 11:38

Nishikawa Koyru V, the fifth headmaster of the Kuruma Ningyo Troupe, demonstrate

The Hachioji Kuruma Ningyo Company from Japan performed at UVic on May 2 to a capacity audience in Hickman 105. Kuruma ningyo is a rare form of puppetry in which the puppeteer sits on a small seat on rollers and manipulates a life-sized puppet to the accompaniment of a narrator, called a gidayu, and a musician playing a shamisen, a three-stringed instrument sounding rather like a banjo.

Staying contemporary

2012-05-04 10:09

Feeling a lack of new art on campus since the closing of the Maltwood? Step outside the Ring and visit the Visual Arts Building, where the 2012 MFA Thesis Exhibition is on view for the next week. Featuring the work of seven emerging contemporary artists, all of whom are completing their Master of Fine Arts degrees in Visual Arts, this exhibit is always one of the most anticipated shows of the year.

Students learn and work with legendary man of the theatre

2012-03-08 11:42

Marowitz working with Kenney (left) and Lo (right) Photo: Adrienne Holierhoek

Imagine getting the chance to work with a legendary Shakespearean master? This was the opportunity offered to more than a dozen talented actors, designers and aspiring directors at the Department of Theatre when the illustrious playwright, director and critic Charles Marowitz came to UVic this spring to direct his reinterpreted version of Hamlet that will be performed at the Phoenix Theatre, running March 15–24.

Piano man(ipulator)

2012-03-08 11:36

Trimpin (second from left) at work with UVic students  Photo: Dallas V. Duobaiti

While the lyric, “Play us a song, you’re the interactive computer-art piano manipulator,” may not strike the same sweet chord as Billy Joel’s original, it is an apt description of the current project by internationally celebrated sound sculptor Trimpin. In a collaborative venture involving graduate and undergraduate students from the School of Music and the combined Music and Computer Science degree program, for the past two months Trimpin’s team has been recomposing five “rescued” pianos into a complex MIDI-controlled art installation that promises a distinctly 21st-century sound.

Sculpting sound

2011-12-19 14:08

Trimpin in his studio. Photo: Kristy Farkas

Over the next three months, internationally celebrated composer, inventor and sound sculptor Trimpin will be collaborating with a UVic team of emerging sound engineers, musicians and visual artists on his latest project, titled (CanonX+4:33=100). With the team's assistance, Trimpin will transform a group of abandoned pianos into an array of visually dynamic and aurally stunning acoustic and electroacoustic sculptures and automatons, by way of celebrating the 2012 centennial of influential experimental composers John Cage and Conlon Nancarrow.

Say it with dance

2011-12-19 14:01


Never underestimate the power of interdisciplinary chit-chat. When assistant theatre professor Conrad Alexandrowicz met famed poet and writing professor Lorna Crozier at the annual Faculty of Fine Arts  retreat last year, he had no idea their discussion would soon translate into nearly $175,000 in grant funding.