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Island Health grants fuel UVic research

2015-07-28 11:24

Improving dementia care, stroke recovery and cancer support services are among the goals of eight newly funded projects involving University of Victoria health researchers.

Each of the projects is receiving $15,000 from Island Health through its new Collaborative Research Grant Competition, which aims to strengthen ties between the health agency (formerly known as the Vancouver Island Health Authority, or VIHA) and its academic partners. 

UVic aerospace centre flies high with funding boost

2015-07-27 15:13

Centre director Afzal Suleman in the research and development lab.

Forest fire management will be one of the applications of new technology being developed by University of Victoria’s Centre for Aerospace Research (CfAR) which received new funding from Western Economic Diversification this month.

UVic osprey-cam offers a bird’s eye view

2015-07-24 14:26


Every summer for the last 10 years, high above the University of Victoria’s athletic fields, a little family has been going about its daily business, largely unnoticed, except by photographers and curious onlookers willing to kink their necks and squint their eyes.

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Blue, green and hints of brown: campus water use in a dry season

The balancing act of water stewardship

Hazy skies, brown grass, forest fires across the province—it’s hard to miss the signs of an unusually dry spring and summer on Vancouver Island and across western Canada.

Such dry conditions raise questions: should we conserve water at the expense of UVic’s renowned gardens? Should we water selectively to avoid tinder-dry conditions that could create a fire hazard? And what about the bigger picture of reducing water consumption throughout the year? At UVic, this is the balancing act of water stewardship.

The roots of Canadian ecology

Ian McTaggart Cowan archive a living legacy for contemporary research    

The launch of a digitization project and a new archive are a providing a powerful combination of resources for ecological researchers, on and off campus. The Ian McTaggart Cowan archive, recently donated by the Cowan family to UVic Special Collections and University Archives, contains materials from McTaggart Cowan’s remarkable 75-year career as one of Canada’s foremost wildlife biologists and conservationists.  

ONC know-how reaches into Hudson Bay

The University of Victoria’s Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) is partnering with the University of Manitoba to develop, install and maintain the cabled estuary observatory component of a new Churchill Marine Observatory (CMO) in Hudson Bay.

A credit course that boosts school spirit? Try Vikes Band!

Love sports? Play an instrument? With the brand-new Vikes Band course, you can now combine both—for credit!

A new initiative between the School of Music and Vikes Athletics, Vikes Band (MUS 189) is a new for-credit course that will rehearse and perform at Vikes Varsity events and special events on campus. If you played in your high school band or just play for fun, you can still put those skills to use to play game-day music—even if you aren’t a music major.

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