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Prime Minister's Youth Council

2016-07-25 14:03

On July 19, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the creation of the Prime Minister’s Youth Council, a body of 30 young Canadians aged 16 to 24, who will provide non-partisan advice to the Prime Minister on national issues such as employment, access to education, building stronger communities as well as climate change and clean growth, among others.

UVic researchers help discover new dwarf planet

2016-07-20 09:55

Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) on Maunakea, Hawaii

Two University of Victoria-based researchers are part of an international team of astronomers who have discovered a new dwarf planet orbiting in the disk of small icy worlds beyond Neptune.

Citizen science on BC Ferries

2016-07-13 15:27

L-R: Costa, grad student Ziwei Wang and research assistant Stephen Phillips.

Passengers on BC Ferries this summer have an exciting opportunity to help scientists better understand ocean health and declining salmon populations in the Salish Sea.

Beginning July 1, passengers on select sailings of the Queen of Oak Bay on the Nanaimo–Horseshoe Bay route can participate in the onboard coastal naturalist program and use a tablet and app to collect images of the sea and sky. The images will be used to define and document the colour of the water—the greener the water, the higher the ocean productivity and health.

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Award-winning CANEU CO-OP program helps students become global-ready graduates

It’s an interconnected world that we live in—approximately 7 million students will be engaged in international mobility by 2022, according to the Canadian Bureau of International Education. Understanding how to communicate effectively with coworkers from culturally diverse backgrounds is a career-building strength in today’s global workplace—a strength that is being fostered by the University of Victoria’s international co-operative education (co-op) program.

The award winning Canada-Europe Co-op (CANEU-COOP) program is one of many international co-op programs where students can build these coveted skills.

Two UVic finalists in Science Exposed photo contest

In February, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) launched its first edition of Science Exposed, a contest to showcase images of scientific research, in all fields of study. Participants are eligible for a chance to win one of three prizes, as well as win $1,000 for the Public Choice Award.

Acquisition of Japanese-Canadian heirlooms now part of $5.5M Landscapes of Injustice project

It’s not every day museum staff from Vancouver travel thousands of kilometres to a southeastern state in the US known for its Appalachian mountains and humid swamp forests to bring home priceless family heirlooms related to Japanese-Canadian history in BC. Sherri Kajiwara and Linda Kawamoto Reid of the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre (NNMCC) in Burnaby did exactly that last fall.

History of Indigenous housing framed by PhD study

The lack of adequate housing on reserves across Canada continues to spark news headlines across the country, including three years ago—then again this year—about the isolated community of the Attawapiskat First Nation, with media covering the meeting today between Attawapiskat Chief Bruce Shisheesh and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa. But how were the foundations of the Indigenous housing crisis first laid and what role did successive federal governments play in this crisis?

These are questions PhD grad Sylvia Olsen can now help answer. Her study of the history of on-reserve housing in Canada examines for the first time the origins of the crisis and the persistent failures of the federal system over a span of 65 years.

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