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Board of Governors 2013/14 update

Fri, 2013-09-06 16:24


The University of Victoria Board of Governors is one of two primary governing bodies of the university (the other being the UVic Senate). The board is responsible for the management, administration and control of the property, revenue and business affairs of the university.

CanAssist engineering now available to campus units

Wed, 2013-09-04 16:31

Brandon Fry in CanAssist’s hardware design lab.
Senior Mechanical Design Specialist Brandon Fry working in CanAssist’s hardware design lab.

Campus units and departments who require customized engineering services for their projects and research can look a bit closer to home, thanks to new equipment and new capacity at UVic’s own CanAssist.

McKenzie Avenue undergoing upgrades

Thu, 2013-08-29 12:37

McKenzie Avenue construction zone
McKenzie Avenue construction zone

Access to the University of Victoria campus will be vastly improved and safer when major upgrades along McKenzie Avenue by the District of Saanich are completed later this fall.

UVic acknowledges there will be disruptions during construction and is advising that people consider alternative routes to and from the university until the work is complete.

Pilot study aims to increase office recycling

Fri, 2013-08-09 09:03

VPAC and Provost Reeta Tremblay and VPFO Gayle Gorrill are pitching in.
VPAC and Provost Reeta Tremblay and VPFO Gayle Gorrill are pitching in to help meet the university’s sustainability goals.

Though the University of Victoria is known for its green campus and sustainable initiatives, the campus still has a ways to go to reach the goal of diverting 75 per cent of its waste from the landfill. In fact, in 2012 university offices sent approximately 12 tonnes of banned recyclable material to the Hartland landfill.

In an effort to improve the rate of recycling in offices and help UVic comply with provincial and regional regulations, Facilities Management has commissioned a pilot study, running from September through November in the University Centre, Administrative Services, Business and Economics and Cornett buildings.

Kundoqk, bringing Nuuyum

Fri, 2013-07-26 14:36

Kundoqk, Dr. Jacquie Green at Spring 2013 convocation ceremony
Kundoqk, Dr. Jacquie Green. Credit: UVic Photo Services

Kundoqk, the Indigenous name of the new director of UVic’s School of Social Work, means “journeying over the mountain with belongings on my back.” The name was gifted to her parents on their wedding day. In 1995, Jacquie Louise Green (Kundoqk’s European name) moved her two daughters and their household belongings from northern BC, over mountains and marine passages, to Victoria so she could pursue a BSW (1997) and MPA (2000) at UVic.

A new chapter of leadership opens for UVic

Mon, 2013-06-10 09:51

Cassels. Photo: UVic Photo Services.
Cassels. Photo: UVic Photo Services.

The University of Victoria’s new president takes office July 15. Jamie Cassels, who succeeds David Turpin to become the university’s seventh president, was the unanimous choice of a 20-member search committee that included faculty, student, staff and senior academic and community representatives. Cassels is a familiar and well-respected figure at the university as a nationally-recognized teacher, international scholar, influential member of the legal community and academic leader.

A thank-you message from David Turpin

Mon, 2013-06-10 09:46

This has been a special and memorable year in the life of the University of Victoria. We have celebrated 50 years of achievement, giving our faculty, staff, students, alumni and community partners the opportunity to reflect on the many great moments that have contributed to our rich and diverse history and to look to the future with a sense of confidence and anticipation.

President Turpin’s leadership on student financial awards honoured

Fri, 2013-05-17 14:32

President Turpin with students at last year's President's barbecue.
President Turpin with students at last year's President's barbecue.

One of the most enduring legacies of UVic President David Turpin, who is stepping down in June after a 13-year tenure as president, is his commitment to increasing the number and value of student financial awards. To recognize Turpin’s leadership in the area, scholarships have been created and will be awarded in his honour to support outstanding UVic students every year.

A hub for international research excellence

Wed, 2013-05-08 09:32

Humanities scholars like Janelle Jenstad, of English, were cited for excellence
Humanities scholars like Janelle Jenstad, of English, were cited for excellence by the QS subject area rankings.
Two major world university rankings released in the last two weeks cast a glowing light on UVic. The Leiden rankings show that UVic is Canada’s most intensive environment for international research collaboration, and the QS subject area rankings put UVic in the world's top 200 universities in five fields.

When the shaking stops: New campus evacuation procedures

Mon, 2013-04-29 16:06

May 5–11 is Emergency Preparedness Week across Canada. Following successful campus-wide “Drop, Cover and Hold On” drills during the Great BC ShakeOut, many students and staff have asked, “What should I do when the shaking has stopped?” Learning from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand, UVic has developed new procedures and a map for campus evacuation in the event of a damaging earthquake. The procedures will be distributed to all UVic faculty and staff during Emergency Preparedness Week.