The Ring

New library agreement provides province-wide access to research materials

2014-12-05 15:24

Thanks to a groundbreaking agreement with one of North America’s leading sources of historical information, people and classrooms across the province now have unprecedented access to a wealth of archival materials spanning several centuries.

Federal government announces $1.5 billion research fund

2014-12-04 15:35

The University of Victoria welcomes today’s announcement of the federal government’s new Canada First Research Excellence Fund that will provide $1.5 billion to Canada’s universities to excel globally.

Listening to the “voice” of proteins

2014-11-27 15:23


When UVic engineering professor Dr. Reuven Gordon describes the biomedical engineering technique of listening to and recording the “voice” of proteins, it sounds a lot like a modern take on Horton Hears a Who, Dr. Seuss’s children’s story of an elephant who hears a voice calling from a microscopic dust speck.

“Everything small has resonances. Everything has a voice,” Gordon says of the protein molecules measuring a single nanometer in size—the building blocks of life that are a million times smaller than an ant and emit sound at a frequency a million times higher than the human ear can hear.

UVic United Way campaign: Final push toward fundraising goal

2014-11-24 15:35

Though the temperature may be dropping outside, the UVic United Way thermometers are only getting hotter, with the 2014 campaign 88 per cent of the way to the $250,000 goal. There is still time to make a gift to United Way Greater Victoria and support your community. Information about donating online is available at

UVic research centre lauded for public policy impact

2014-11-21 12:39

Tim Stockwell has done extensive work on alcohol pricing.

A University of Victoria research centre that’s helping reshape policies to reduce alcohol-related illness, disability and death has won a national award for its work.

Graduating with a provincial contract

2014-11-07 07:39


For recent grad Darcie Scollard (English), the co-operative education program has made her future a lot less daunting—and helped her pocket a contract with the provincial government to carry her into post-grad life.

“As a humanities student, I was particularly worried about life after university,” Scollard says. “Since I became a co-op student, a lot of stress around finding a job after graduation has been lifted off my shoulders.”

Start spreading the news: commerce grad is in a New York state of mind

2014-11-07 07:29

Ross in NYC

Ross Rich, who graduates this November with a commerce degree from the Gustavson School of Business, has spun himself into his dream job already—as a Marketing Assistant with Columbia Records in New York City. Rich will also maintain the artist-management firm he started in 2013, which includes talented singer Jade Tjorhom (another UVic student) on its artist roster.

Engineering a culture shift on campus

2014-11-07 07:25

Yu testing equipment while on a co-op work term with Teck Highland Valley Copper

Some people are born leaders, and convocating graduate Tiffany Yu undoubtedly falls into that category. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Yu saw a need in the Faculty of Engineering and set out to create change, becoming heavily involved with the Engineering Student Society (ESS). After attending the National Conference on Women in Engineering, Yu was inspired to create a women in engineering group at UVic. With help from faculty members and fellow ESS members Taylor Entz and Alisa Minderova, Leadership Through Diversity was born.

Writing grad sees beyond perceptions of limitations

2014-11-07 07:15

Leavitt and Calvin at UVic

As an MFA candidate in the Department of Writing, Hannalora Leavitt has spent the past two years fulfilling the same kind of duties and responsibilities as most UVic graduate students: conceiving a thesis, working with a supervisor, giving lectures, teaching classes, marking papers, reading, writing, research. But given her specialty in creative nonfiction, Leavitt is also tasked with interpreting the world as she sees it—no easy job when you’re a blind writer.

UVic degree is about learning and action, says grad

2014-11-06 22:57

Juricic in Ottawa

For Kathryn Juricic, a social sciences graduate, getting outside and seeing impacts of local work makes her passionate to continue this after her studies at UVic. Juricic began at UVic with the intention of moving on after her first year; however, after taking some environmental studies courses she didn’t want to leave.

“I felt I wouldn’t receive the same calibre of learning and atmosphere anywhere else. I was surrounded by inspirational people who were bound together through learning and action,” explains Juricic.