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Celebrating the century: 100 years of preparing educators

2015-10-08 10:09

Students in Provincial Normal School library, 1944.

The UVic Faculty of Education is celebrating 100 years of preparing educators in Victoria with a range of events that began with a forum and celebratory dinner on Oct. 3. 

There is an unbroken chain from the current Faculty of Education reaching back a century—and UVic is proud to have many alumni from its earliest years (and from Victoria College) still involved in our work. In every corner of BC and far beyond, our educators serve at many different levels of the school system, government and private enterprises, applying what they learned to make education better for others. Teacher training has grown from preparing teachers for the classroom to inspiring and educating a diverse range of students who study in fields such as exercise science, physical and health education, educational psychology, leadership and Indigenous education. 

President's Campus Update 2015

2015-10-07 09:18

Cassels at the 2015 President's Campus Update.

During his Campus Update on Oct. 6, UVic President Jamie Cassels celebrated UVic’s achievements this past year and addressed university priorities for the upcoming year.

Sustainability Week highlights cycling as a travel option

2015-10-06 10:01

Shari Winter, campus cyclist.

The deep-green hues of UVic—from research leadership in ocean and climate studies, to sustainability studies in nearly every academic field—also colours our pride in our natural spaces  and sustainable on-campus operations. But we can’t pat ourselves on the back too quickly, either. Unless we’re prepared to turn off the lights and heat on campus, cycling and transit will continue to play key roles in reducing our carbon footprint, individually and as a concerned community.

We’ve already made good strides: nearly 8,000 members of UVic’s campus community use public transit, pedal power and shoe leather in getting to and from campus every day. And despite significant enrolment growth on campus, there are fewer cars in our parking lots than there were 15 years ago. 

Going places in an era of global connectivity

2015-10-06 08:21

New funding rolled out by President Jamie Cassels has increased support for UVic students to engage in rich and meaningful learning experiences well beyond the campus.

United Way: The power of you

2015-10-06 06:24

The 2015 UVic United Way Greater Victoria (UWGV) annual campaign officially kicked off on Oct. 1 in the University Centre lobby, with inspiring words from Patricia Jelinski, CEO of United Way Greater Victoria, President Cassels and United Way partner Carmel Chamberlain.

This year, UWGV is focusing on the people who have the power to change lives with each contribution they make, with the goal of increasing the donor base by 2,000 individuals. In support of this target, UVic aims to increase the number of donors by 100 over the next two years.

UVic responds to international refugee crisis

2015-10-05 16:34

History Refugee Committee to sponsor family from Syria    

On Sept. 15, the week after President Jamie Cassels wrote to the campus community about the need for a university response to the international refugee crisis, nine colleagues in UVic’s history department decided to proceed in sponsoring a family from Syria.

Study of Syrian artifacts offer different viewpoints on a troubled region

2015-10-01 15:53

Milwright in Special Collections with shards and manuscripts. Credit: John Thre

Protecting and learning from Middle Eastern antiquities

When news broke in August that Syrian archaeologist Khaleed al-Asaad had been killed by ISIS for trying to protect his country’s cultural legacy from destruction and looting, it sent a chill through the heart of Art History and Visual Studies professor Marcus Milwright. An archaeologist and professor of Islamic art and architecture, Milwright has worked extensively in Syria—including the ancient city of Palmyra, the UNESCO World Heritage Site for which Khaleed al-Asaad was the head of antiquities.

A growing appreciation for Indigenous knowledge

2015-10-01 15:34

Turner. Credit: UVic Photo Services

Trudeau Foundation award supports Nancy Turner’s lifelong study of traditional plant use    

A long-time champion of Indigenous knowledge, UVic ethnobotanist and ethnoecologist Nancy Turner has devoted her career to understanding and communicating the crucial role that plants play in Indigenous cultures and languages, especially with respect to land use, rights and title. To support this important work the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation has awarded Turner a $225,000 fellowship over the next three years.

Coastal climate crunch: BC beaches could be battered by both El Niño and La Niña

2015-10-01 10:36

Walker on Calvert Island. Credit: D. Shugar, 2014, Hakai Institute

Pacific research shows that extreme weather patterns—both hot and cold—could mean accelerated erosion in BC.

As storm season approaches, BC coastal communities need to prepare for the possibility of extreme flooding and erosion that come with both El Niño and La Niña weather systems, according to new trans-Pacific research published in Nature Geoscience.

Field lessons in Scandanavian sustainability

2015-10-01 09:08

HafenCity development in Hamburg, Germany. Photo:

Northern Europe is famous for sustainability—from cycling in Copenhagen, Iceland’s geothermal riches, and offshore wind farms in the North Sea to Germany’s investments in mass solar power. This spring, 28 UVic geography students headed to Europe to study those sustainability efforts and more. Their month-long field school took them to Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands brought them together with community leaders, planners, developers, scholars and others to examine Scandanavian efforts to address the daunting ecological and social challenges facing contemporary societies.