The Ring

How do we strengthen on-campus communication?

2015-06-29 15:39

Campus survey points the way

How well do you know the UVic campus? Not just its physical geography—from classrooms and restaurants to natural spaces—but the university’s structures, practices, vision and goals, and your and your unit’s role within them?

Information about new projects being launched, changes in policy, the big picture opportunities and challenges affecting UVic, progress on institutional goals, or even this week’s major campus events, orient us to campus life as much as any map does. Being aware of that kind of information—and knowing how to access it and when to share it—is a crucial, but often overlooked part of being a member of the UVic community, no matter what we do or where we work on campus.

The footprints of human settlement on the BC coast could be 13,000 years old

2015-06-29 15:02

L-R: Fedje and McLaren at the dig site. Credit: Joanne McSporran

Family gatherings around a fire pit—an ancient custom that’s still with us today—may have been practiced as long as 13,000 years ago along BC's central coast. Footprints from what appear to be a man, woman and child circling a hearth were discovered last month below the tideline.

UVic celebrates with Pride

2015-06-29 15:00

The rainbow crosswalk between the SUB and Clearihue Building.

UVic has unveiled a permanent rainbow crosswalk at the busiest pedestrian crossing on campus, to celebrate Pride Week in Victoria and to affirm its support and commitment to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community.

In the spirit of collaboration

2015-06-12 14:21

How do Greater Victoria’s post-secondary institutions work together with municipalities to benefit the region? First, you get everyone in the same room and start the conversation.

On June 2, the presidents of Royal Roads University and Camosun College joined UVic President Jamie Cassels in welcoming more than 80 elected municipal officials, city managers and academic leaders from the three post-secondary institutions to an inaugural Catalyst Conversations forum that challenged participants to imagine how they could work together to benefit our region.

Trudeau scholar examines youth and empathy in Canada

2015-06-12 13:49

Nelems. Credit: UVic Photo Services

Is empathy changing in a world where social media and globalization are rapidly transforming how we interact with others? The University of Victoria’s Rebeccah Nelems is investigating empathy and youth as part of a prestigious three-year scholarship announced today from the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation. She is one of only 16 Canadian doctoral students receiving a $180,000 award.

Looking good, 900 years later: Pamplona Bible manuscript dated back to 12th century

2015-06-12 11:13

Detail from the Amiens Bible

The age of a manuscript fragment from the Sandra Mattia Collection in UVic Libraries’ Special Collections—depicting Abraham about to sacrifice his son Isaac—has been re-assessed, making the fragment among the oldest manuscript fragments in the collection.

Taking academia underwater

2015-06-08 13:15

Irvine. Credit: UVic Photo Services.

Education grad Mike Irvine took academia beneath the waves for his scuba-diving master's defence

When education grad student Mike Irvine first posed his master’s project research question to his advisor, the idea struck Jason Price as a humourous oxymoron. Irvine wanted to explore how technology could be used as a tool to reconnect kids to nature. 

New co-op funding

2015-06-04 13:38

The BC government has announced $6 million in funding (provided through the BC Innovation Council) for students to receive job training in the technology sector.

David Foster, 2015 Distinguished Entrepreneur of the Year

2015-06-04 13:36

David Foster with students

Most university lectures start with an illustrious speaker at a podium, poised to impart knowledge to students. That cliché was turned upside down by this year’s Gustavson School of Business Distinguished Entrepreneur of the Year, David Foster, when he recently spoke to Business and Fine Arts students: not only was this class far from a traditional lecture, but the students were engaged and energized right from the start.

After the screening of a video about his career, Foster sat behind a keyboard (“I’ll play if you beg me … and even if you don’t.”) in a lecture theatre.

“So. Business. Let’s talk. Questions?” It didn’t take long before a brisk, incisive, vibrant interchange got underway.

Designing Prague: Theatre professor, students participate in Prague Quadrennial

2015-06-04 13:13

The Turn of the Screw set at the Belfry

When it comes to stage design, the Prague Quadrennial is as good as it gets—and this year, a pair of Department of Theatre alumni will help represent Canada. “It’s the Venice Biennalie of stage design,” says theatre professor Allan Stichbury. “It’s the top in terms of recognizing stage design in the world.”