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UVic 2010 United Way blasts past goals

Wed, 2011-01-26 15:14

UVic campus community members—staff, students, faculty and retirees—have more than 300,000 reasons to be very proud of the UVic 2010 United Way campaign.

The final tally for the annual campaign was declared on Jan. 25, 2011 and in total we raised $302,328 and welcomed 81 new donors! (The 2010 campaign goals were to raise $280,000 and increase donor participation by 62 new donors.)

New device allows everyone to rack 'em up

Mon, 2011-01-10 11:01

Photo of Spelt and Livingstone using device
L-R: Lane and CanAssist Director Livingstone

When the University of Victoria’s CanAssist team held its Christmas party in 2008, everyone had a great time shooting pool—everyone except Dan Spelt, a research assistant in CanAssist’s software lab who has cerebral palsy and is unable to hold a billiard cue. CanAssist develops and delivers innovative technologies and services to improve the quality of life for those with special needs. That night, Darcy Lane, CanAssist’s manager of hardware, said that someday the team would create a device that would enable Dan to play pool.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Can you see yourself in The Ring?

Sun, 2011-01-09 13:06

We’re making some ambitious changes here at The Ring, the most visible of which is the launch of our new website (please click around and let us know what you think). But there’s a lot more going on than just a new website.

CORE support for special education needs

Wed, 2011-01-05 09:11

Photo of Roberts and student Theresa Smith
Roberts works with student Theresa Smith in the CORE after-school tutoring program. Photo: Crystal Bergeron

While most of us were snuggled up opening gifts in front of the fire this holiday season, the Faculty of Education was the lucky recipient of perhaps one of the greatest gifts of all: the opportunity to give back to the community.

With a generous bequest from an anonymous donor, the faculty will launch the Centre for Outreach Education (CORE) on Wednesday, Jan. 19, in its new home in the MacLaurin building.

UVic in the News for 2010

Fri, 2010-12-24 13:03

Scanning the inky depths of the Pacific, providing a blueprint for Indigenous student post-secondary success, interpreting geometric signs in prehistoric cave art in Europe, and helping to outsmart a viral scourge of the modern era are just four of the many reasons the University of Victoria was featured in the news for 2010.

Here are the top ten stories—from December 2010 through to the beginning of the year.

U Centre changes move Maltwood; open Welcome Centre

Mon, 2010-12-20 15:30

Changes to University Centre in the coming year will improve services to students and shift the research, instruction and exhibition role played by the Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery to the Legacy Gallery in downtown Victoria.

English Language Centre makes history

Mon, 2010-12-06 12:48

"Happy 40th Anniversary ELC!" photo content category winner PHOTO: Fung Hi Chau, Hong Kong

There is one phrase that the 2,500 students who attended programs at UVic's English Language Centre (ELC) in 2010 will never forget: "Happy Anniversary!"

UVic United Way campaign approaches finish line

Mon, 2010-12-06 12:25

It was a race to the finish for the "Tour de SUB" mini-car race on Nov. 30, and now the UVic 2010 United Way campaign is racing through its last month of fundraising just in time to add United Way donations to holiday shopping lists.

Pat Carfra: "Perfect Pitch"

Mon, 2010-12-06 12:09

Carfra and daycare class. Photo: Tara Sharpe
Carfra and daycare class. Photo: Tara Sharpe

Do you know who the "Lullaby Lady" is? For nearly four decades, UVic Child Care Services volunteer Pat Carfra has been sharing her musical magic with children at the campus day care services.

LE,NONET a blueprint for Indigenous student success

Mon, 2010-12-06 12:05

Members of the LE,NONET Project (L-R): Jeff Reading, Chris Lalonde, Lianne Charlie, Maxine Matilpi, Trevor Good.

If UVic's First Peoples House represents the current focal point for Aboriginal programs and initiatives on campus, then the results of the LE,NONET Project—announced in the distinctive building on Nov. 10—represent the future.