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President Turpin’s leadership on student financial awards honoured

Fri, 2013-05-17 14:32

President Turpin with students at last year's President's barbecue.
President Turpin with students at last year's President's barbecue.

One of the most enduring legacies of UVic President David Turpin, who is stepping down in June after a 13-year tenure as president, is his commitment to increasing the number and value of student financial awards. To recognize Turpin’s leadership in the area, scholarships have been created and will be awarded in his honour to support outstanding UVic students every year.
An enthusiastic champion of student support, Turpin has placed scholarships and bursaries at the forefront of the university’s strategic priorities.

Citing the need to ensure that no student should face barriers to admission and success other than academic potential, he set about to more than double the levels of assistance at UVic, including bursaries, scholarships and work-study funds.

During his tenure, growing relationships with governments, foundations, businesses and private philanthropists have secured millions of dollars in contributions for student awards. Many awards were established by donations from UVic’s friends and alumni who shared Turpin’s passion for the university’s academic mission and its students.

This remarkable achievement now puts UVic among the top 20 per cent of Canadian universities for student financial support.

Members of the UVic community are invited to honour Turpin by contributing to this scholarship fund. Donations can be made through UVic’s Annual Giving Office by contacting Jennifer Sandmaier (, 250-721-6003, or online.