The Ring

Fish Sounds: What fish could tell us, if only we’d listen

Mon, 2012-05-07 13:28

Juanes. Photo: Robie Liscomb
Juanes. Photo: Robie Liscomb

While many of us are familiar with whales’ songs, one UVic researcher has focused his attention on lesser-known aquatic acoustics. Dr. Francis Juanes, a fisheries ecologist in the Department of Biology, is examining fish behavior by using his ears.

Meet the “Faces of UVic Research”

Mon, 2012-05-07 10:51

Who are our faculty researchers? What do they study? And how is their work relevant to our lives? Find out in the newly launched Faces of UVic Research video series in which individual faculty researchers give a short and succinct “elevator pitch” on their work—in everyday language—that quickly gets to the heart of what they do and why it matters.

Grad student wins prestigious Canadian book award

Fri, 2012-05-04 10:10

Photo of Jarvis

On May 1, School of Public Administration doctoral candidate Mark Jarvis was awarded the prestigious Donner Prize for his co-authored book Democratizing the Constitution: Reforming Responsible Government. Administered by the Donner Foundation, the Donner Prize is an annual award for the best public policy book by a Canadian.

Children’s residential school art portrays a truth

Tue, 2012-05-01 11:36

L-R: Robina Thomas, Sulsa’meeth (Deb George), Andrea Walsh, Tousilum (Ron George
L-R: Robina Thomas, Sulsa’meeth (Deb George), Andrea Walsh, Tousilum (Ron George), Joyce Underwood. Photo: Gary McKinistry

Human faces, landscapes, cultural stories, wildlife and abstract shapes are just some of the depictions found in a collection of children’s art created during the years 1958-60 at the Alberni Indian Residential School. Each piece of art tells a story about a child who did not have a voice.

JCURA: A cornucopia of undergrad research

Tue, 2012-04-24 14:23

Visual arts student Elyse Portal demonstrates her project. Photo: Patrick Craib.
Visual arts student Elyse Portal demonstrates her project. Photo: Patrick Craib.

The Michele Pujol room in the Student Union Building was brimming with enthusiasm on April 10 as up-and-coming young scholars showcased their original research projects at the Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards Fair. Established in 2009, the JCURA program encourages the development of strong academic relationships by funding collaborative research projects between faculty and undergraduates, giving promising students an appetite for original research in the process. This year there were 99 JCURA scholars, supervised by 87 faculty members, across 41 departments and schools.

Prof’s rare book collection celebrated

Mon, 2012-04-23 09:57

Karl Köster and Dr. Janelle Jenstad inspect a 1526 Latin Bible, part of UVic's P
Karl Köster and Dr. Janelle Jenstad inspect a 1526 Latin Bible, part of UVic's Pat Köster collection. Photo: Robie Liscomb

Local bibliophiles got a special opportunity to celebrate, inspect and actually handle a large variety of remarkable volumes at a special exhibition from the Dr. Pat Köster Book Collection in the Archives and Special Collections Reading Room in the McPherson Library–Mearns Centre for Learning on April 19.

New research chairs tackle molecular basis of disease

Thu, 2012-04-19 10:01

Wulff. Photo: UVic Photo Services
Wulff. Photo: UVic Photo Services

Collaborative work by the University of Victoria’s two newest Canada Research Chairs may one day slow down the spread of influenza—especially when the next global pandemic strikes. Organic chemist Jeremy Wulff and biochemist Martin Boulanger are among a slate of new and renewed Canada Research Chairs across the country that were announced on March 13 by Gary Goodyear, Minister of State for Science and Technology.

Symbols speak eloquently of living-with-dying

Wed, 2012-04-11 11:46

Image from the exhibition "Symbols of Living In-between." Poem is reproduced in
Image from the exhibition "Symbols of Living In-between." Poem is reproduced in article, below.

For many, living with a life-threatening illness is unimaginable. How does one garner the optimism and endurance needed to continue living while the end of life approaches? To help shed light on the experiences of people living with the uncertainties of serious illness, 32 people diagnosed with cancer, chronic kidney disease or HIV/AIDS joined forces with a group of nurse researchers to share stories and ideas about living with dying.

IDEAFEST 2012: Climate change and food security for BC

Mon, 2012-04-09 13:06

When people analyse the issue of climate change, they often consider global temperature increases, rising sea levels and changes to ecosystems. The issue of food production and protection is another concern, though. On March 6, as part of UVic’s IdeaFest, Dr. Francis Zwiers, director of the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium, and Dr. Aleck Ostry, a professor in UVic’s Department of Geography, held a public discussion about climate change in relation to food security in British Columbia—specifically in regard to water issues.

IDEAFEST 2012: The Arab Spring: A season, or much more?

Thu, 2012-03-29 09:32

The uprisings that flared up throughout the Middle East a year ago—events known as The Arab Spring—have not only altered the political landscape of that region, they have had an impact on the entire world. This was the topic of discussion for an IDEAFEST panel of UVic scholars on March 8. The Arab Spring One Year Later: Revolution, Resolution and Resentment public forum was not just about examining transformations of the past year, however, it was also about considering possible scenarios for the future.