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UVic offers loans to launch sustainability ideas

Sun, 2011-09-11 10:02

Got an idea on how to reduce energy or water use on campus? Can the initiative pay for itself through quantifiable costs savings in five years or less?
    UVic’s brand new Revolving Sustainability Loan Fund represents a fantastic opportunity to anyone who has ever had a great idea that will save the university energy and money. The university, committed to being carbon neutral, reducing its energy usage and lessening its impact on the environment, has established a $250,000 loan fund for projects that provide energy or water savings.If the amount of money saved in utility bills will pay for the project in five years or less, UVic wanst to hear from you.
    "Often, the biggest barrier to both large and small scale energy efficiency projects is the initial capital cost. This loan fund eliminates that barrier because the university will provide the money up front and use the resulting energy savings to pay back the loan," says Dan MacKinnon, UVic sustainability coordinator. "This fund offers everyone the opportunity to have a positive impact on our campus because we are open to project ideas from anyone."
    Projects may be as simple as replacing old energy inefficient equipment with newer more efficient models, or as complex as renewable energy systems. The loan size is variable, so any size projects will be considered. The deadline for a letter of interest is October 15, 2011.
    For more information, visit and contact Dan MacKinnon at or 250-721-6678.