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Why the First World War still matters—100 years later

2014-09-29 16:35

OneCard, one question—win $100

2014-09-16 11:49

With one short answer, you’ll be automatically entered to win a $100 OneCard balance upgrade, courtesy of Student Services. Send an email to answering the question, “What’s the one thing every new UVic student ought to know that would best improve their experience or support academic success?” A little advice could pay off big.

Studying the legacies of colonialism in South Africa

2014-07-30 16:06

Tess (Taylor) Syrowik is a humanities student in UVic’s Department of Linguistics. This is her personal account of UVic's 2014 Colonial Legacies Field School in South Africa, Apr. 28 - May 21.

Learn more about the 2014 Colonial Legacies field school

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Studying the Holocaust in Europe

Rowan Meredith is a UVic Slavic Studies student who attended the 2014 I-witness field school and is currently immersed in a summer co-op at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Museum. She sent these "notes from the field" while still in Europe.

Moving trans history forward

Shared stories shape extraordinary experiences

When The Ring asked me to cover this year’s Provost’s Diversity Research Forum, I accepted on the condition I could profile the event from the perspective of a student questioning the role of diversity in Canada.

As a middle-class Caucasian female in the last semester of an undergraduate degree, diversity had become a buzzword thrown around in textbooks. Was I actually diverse? And more importantly, did I live in a diverse space where I could practice social responsibility?

Discussing diversity: 50 years of activism

Four UVic professors and activists passionately spoke on the topic of 50 Years of Activism: Rethinking Realities on Jan. 30, and articulated the status of research in their prospective fields. They spoke in the SUB to a large audience as part of the Provost’s Diversity Research Forum, Critical Conversations Rethinking Realities.