The Ring

Volunteer contributors

Voluntary contributors are essential in enabling The Ring to cover the wide range of activities at UVic, providing articles, photos and videos that we are otherwise unable to produce with our limited staff.

If you are a member of the UVic community, we invite you to become a volunteer contributor. Working under the direction of the Ring editor, you can suggest content ideas you’d like to pursue, or you could receive assignments from the editor. Your contributions may appear on the Ring website, the printed newspaper, or both.

It’s a great way to share your knowledge and interests with the university community.

Become a volunteer contributor

To become a volunteer contributor, email

Contributor agreement

Volunteer contributors must sign a simple contributor agreement covering such matters as authorial credit, copyright and editorial procedures.

Contributor guidelines

Volunteer contributors must abide by a set of basic contributor guidelines covering such matters as editorial style, accuracy of information and conflict of interest.

Online assignment desk

A list of topics available as potential assignments for volunteer contributors is maintained on The Ring online assignment desk.