June 5, 2001

Bike to Work Week heightens cycling awareness

Chalk up another successful Bike to Work Week for UVic. During the annual event, which ran May 28 – June 3, the university rallied 23 teams its highest number ever and accounted for 10 per cent of all teams in the region.

BTWW is one week in the year, but what about the other 51? There are a number of new inititatives in place or planned to encourage UVic faculty, students and staff to pedal to work and classes.

For starters, there’s the new Cycling Info Station. Located in the University Centre rotunda near the information booth, this kiosk is the place on campus to find literature and maps on cycling issues. The Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition (GVCC) cycling map is displayed prominently, along with racks of pamphlets, maps and newsletters on cycling topics. The GVCC will be working with the UVic bicycle users committee to keep this kiosk supplied with material.

Eight new bike lockers have just been installed on campus near the Elliott and Sedgewick Buildings. This brings the total number of publicly available lockers on campus to 24 (the other 16 are outside the SUB). The SUB Info Booth is the place to arrange rentals and the cost is reduced for the summer.

A new bike shelter near the MacLaurin Building should be installed by September. This will provide protection from the weather for up to 28 bicycles and will join the other shelters installed near the McPherson Library and the Ian Stewart Complex.

One long-awaited improvement is bicycle access to UVic from the south. Thirty per cent of UVic cyclists travel along Henderson Road, so a short stretch of University Drive will be widened to allow for bike lanes either side of the roadway between Cedar Hill X Road and Ring Road.

“UVic’s cyclists represent a critical mass reinforcing this alternative transportation mode.” says John Holland, chair of UVic’s bicycle users committee. “We’re a force in the capital region, and participation in cycling events such as Bike to Work Week enhances awareness. Let's keep on cycling!”

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