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June 2005 · Vol 31 · No 6

New parking options to be offered this fall


UVic faculty, staff and students can choose between several parking and commuting options this fall as UVic continues to work toward its goal of reducing vehicle traffic to campus.


Improvements to facilities for cyclists, a new employee bus pass program and a new flexible parking pass are among the more than half-dozen programs being offered as part of the university’s transportation demand management (TDM) strategy. Reducing single occupant vehicle traffic to campus is one of the goals of UVic’s campus plan.


"The university recognizes that there is no single transportation solution that will work for everyone," says sustainability co-ordinator Sarah Webb. "Not everyone can car-pool and not everyone can cycle. So the aim of the strategy is to create a series of options and incentives to help people shift away from the single occupant vehicle. We’re serious about continuing to reduce the amount of vehicle traffic coming to and from campus."


Beginning in September, UVic employees can purchase a monthly bus pass from campus security for only $38 a month, a savings of $22 a month over the regular cost. UVic is also offering a new flexible parking pass which is designed for employees who use alternative transportation but occasionally need to bring their vehicles to campus. The flex pass allows the permit holder to park on campus up to 12 days a month for an annual cost of $100.50 in the general permit zone and $176.50 in reserved.


Both pass programs are pilot projects for the 2005/2006 academic year and a finite number will be issued.


UVic is also introducing Rideshare permits, which provide priority parking between 7 to 10 a.m. daily in a designated lot when three or more participants share a vehicle. Unlike the car-pooling program, Rideshare participants do not need to live at different addresses or own their own vehicles. The program is aimed at family members or others who share the same residence and want to ride to campus together.


Car-pooling participants will continue to have access to a designated stall 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Registered car-pools are for commuters who live at separate residences and who each own a vehicle. A minimum of three people split the cost of a regular annual parking pass.


This fall UVic also hopes to expand membership in the Victoria Car Share Co-op. The university and the co-op are working together to add to the campus vehicle fleet by signing up new members.


Co-op members have access to six vehicles around the city and don’t pay for gas, insurance, parking fees, or maintenance. One vehicle is already based on campus and can be booked online or through a 24-hour phone line. Car-sharing is ideal for family housing residents and faculty members and those considering the purchase of a second vehicle.


The cost of UVic annual parking permits is increasing for 2005-06 to more accurately reflect the true cost of parking on campus and to help pay for the new TDM strategy initiatives.


The annual rate of parking in the University Centre parkade increases to $1,008 from $720 (an increase to $84 from $60 monthly). The annual fee for general reserved parking increases to $441 from $315 (an increase to $36.75 from $26.25 per month) and the annual fee for general parking increases to $252 from $180 (an increase to $21 from $15 per month).


The volume of vehicle traffic to campus has been steadily dropping over the past decade. A 2004 traffic audit showed that traffic to UVic has declined 13 per cent since 2000 while cycling trips have risen by 12 per cent in the same period. The audit showed that, for the first time, less than 50 per cent of the trips to campus were in single-occupancy vehicles.


Information about the new TDM initiatives will be included with parking pass renewal forms and is available on the facilities management website at




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